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Well it took a while to get out, more because of the works in the apartment upstairs, which made it impossible to record the videos because of the noise.

But you're ready to air videos about connected home, or smart home, as you prefer to call it.

In these videos I'm going to talk a little bit about what a connected home is, what the concept of it is, and what we can put into the house, products, applications, their uses, shortcomings, advantages and everything else to help you build yours, at the lowest possible price, without losing the quality of the products.

There will be several episodes talking about products separately, and then videos showing the products.

Connected houses are a reality, it is possible to do without spending a mountain of money, of course it would be cool to have a TV or Smart Fridge, but let's go back to reality, after all having a refrigerator of almost $30,000.00 is for few.

But it is possible to automate a lot of things in your home, spending a fraction of it.

So my friends, welcome to the new space on Rmax, Connected House, where I will show you everything interesting and feasible to put in the house, and of course things we can't have and others that are very weird.

It opens tomorrow at 7:00 the first episode.

Hugs to all


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