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Logitech G brings to Brazil its new line-up of mice gamers updated with the powerful HERO 16K sensor, unique high-end technology developed by the company that appears in the mice of pro players around the world. Announced during the E3 2019, the line-up brings the G403 and G903 mice with the sensor update and for the first time in Brazil, the G703 Hero, mouse compatible with G Powerplay - mousepad capable of charging the mouse by induction.

For Jairo Rozenblit, president of Logitech in Brazil, the expansion of technology to more mice pleases an even greater number of players. “There is a whole new generation of gamers animated by advanced technologies and who knows that small details make a lot of difference,” he explains. “Since the arrival of the HERO sensor, it has been getting better and better and greatly facilitating the life of gamers, with more precision and longer battery life needed for superior performance,” he adds.

The flagship, the G903 LIGHTSPEED is up to date with the best-in-class sensor, the HERO 16K, which offers accurate gameplay and 10x the power efficiency of the previous generation — resulting in up to an incredible 140 hours of battery. The G903 includes: Logitech G LIGHTSPEED wireless technology, compatibility with Logitech G POWERPLAY induction charging system, RGB 16.8M LIGHTSYNC immersion, ambidextrous design and up to 11 programmable buttons for precise gaming.

The G703 HERO brings not only the powerful HERO 16k sensor, but also excellent design and ergonomics to the hand, 35-hour battery life with just one charge and reduced total weight to 95g. Equipped with LIGHTSPEED wireless technology, it offers accurate gameplay with 16,000 maximum DPI and zero smoothing, and is compatible with G POWERPLAY.

Completing the updated training is the G403 HERO, a wired mouse that brings an even better experience thanks to the HERO 16K. Designed for players looking for the best performance and design, the G403 Hero also features RGB LIGHTSYNC and six customizable buttons.

All mice are compatible with G Hub, Logitech software that allows you to customize mice to user preference and ensure the best performance and experience.

The new lineup is now available with the following sales list prices:

G703 Hero - 499.90.

G903 Lightspeed - $699.90.

G403 Hero - $249.90.


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