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The awareness of both clinical obstetricians and parents about the importance of early diagnosis of possible fetal cardiac anomalies is fundamental to the success of any therapeutic action. To assist in the early identification of heart disease, Samsung has the 5D Heart Color™ fetal echocardiography solution. Designed for accurate diagnosis of congenital heart diseases, it is able to provide nine planes of visualization of the fetal heart, presenting vital information about various cardiac structures and functions.

Some of the diagnostic plans are the view of the aortic arch, the three vessels and the vision of the trachea, as well as the exit route of the left and right ventricle and the four-chamber vision, among others. Present in HS60, WS80A and HERA W10 models, this technology is intuitive and easy to use because it systematizes, in a semiautomatic way, an analytical protocol of the fetal heart, decreasing the intra- and inter-observer diagnostic variations. 5D Heart Color™ is a powerful tool in evaluating cardiac anatomy and its hemodynamic functions with regard to congenital heart diseases.

The equipment is equipped with the most modern diagnostic resources for the health of women and foetus and designed to generate extremely accurate ultrasonographic images of anatomy. Considering the peculiarities and complexities of the female organism, the equipment stands out for its versatility and for offering greater convenience to health professionals and patients during gynecological and obstetric examinations.

“Samsung works on the development of medical technologies that can improve the detection of fetal congenital heart disease and contribute to the needs of our consumers, facilitating their day to day. The constant search for innovation is part of our DNA and every product and service is thought to this end.” says Nelson Ozassa, director of Samsung Brazil's HME Division. “We are committed to creating a new future for both doctors and patients, bringing health and well-being to people's lives,” he adds.


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