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I loved the Fridge, but we have to wait for this product to drop a little price, then yes we will have lots of people wanting and especially having one at home. On the other hand, the TV is at a more acceptable price for a 55-inch model.

The Refrigerator goes very well into the connected home mode, I'm already looking at it, since I intend to have the whole house connected in the next 4 years, in the kitchen for now only the lights are, already in the room 100% of the equipment are already commanded by voice and smartphone.

The arrival of the new 55 inch The Frame TV to the Brazilian market expands the standard use of a TV to much more than that: it is a concept of a work of art, since, when turned off, instead of the traditional black screen, the TV displays paintings and photographs by renowned artists from all over the world. Samsung brings the novelty to Brazil, which had its first version released in 2017, with a plus: QLED technology.

The Frame features the Samsung Collection, which includes 20 different artworks carefully selected by art experts who are preloaded on TV and can be accessed at any time, inspiring the consumer to decorate the house. At Art Store4, you can enjoy an exclusive online gallery with more than 1000 renowned works of art, from Monet to Kandiski for a monthly subscription of R$16 that gives access to all the content, or R$66 for the purchase of a single work.

In The Frame's robust set of artworks, we can find paintings from important international museums and galleries, including Albertina (Austria), Tate (England) and The Berlin Museum (Germany). As for artists, it is worth highlighting the Brazilian photographer Araquém Alcântara, one of the precursors of nature photography in Brazil. The photographer has more than 53 published books and more than 9 awards. In the Art Store, Araquém has 11 works available and three of them are among the top 100 access globally.

In addition to The Frame's artistic proposal, the design is another differential of the model. The product has the Unique Connection, which avoids the mess of cables by only having a thin, almost transparent cable that leaves the TV and connects it to One Connect - an external connection center that even brings power to the device. The No Gap² wall bracket is included and makes the TV look like a frame because it allows it to be fixed almost out of space with the wall, and installation is so easy that it is possible to adjust the angle even after it is completed.

To further enhance the feel of frame effect, The Frame features customizable moldings5 sold separately, which make the decor even more stylish. They allow the consumer to customize the TV to their taste because they fit the edges of the screen perfectly, magnetically, like a magnet. Color options are: black, white, wood and beige.

In addition to all the benefits, The Frame brings incredible image quality thanks to quantum dots technology6, which delivers 100% color volume to any content, with no chance of wear over time. That's why, like the entire line with QLED technology, The Frame has a ten-year warranty against the burn-in7 effect.

“Samsung cares about bringing consumers far more than high-tech products, but rather a lifestyle that combines design, elegant and innovative products, always cherishing image quality. That's why we're launching a new version of The Frame to the Brazilian market, a product that is one of the company's great innovations over the years and that will make us remember as the company that turned the TV black box into a work of art,” says Gustavo Asunção, Vice President of the Consumer Electronics from Samsung Brazil.

The Frame comes to market starting in October and has a list price of $6,999.00.

And the Family Hub Refrigerator with Tizen 4.0 software, and establishes a new standard of connected living in the country. The new model redefines the brand's refrigerators category and signals the company's commitment to investing in innovation and developing products that enhance the lives of consumers. The version allows users to take control of their kitchen, with tools for food management, communication and even entertainment.

With a large 21.5” touchscreen display, Full HD resolution and a comprehensive set of intuitive applications, the 10-year warranty 582 litre refrigerator¹ allows you to share moments, agenda and news with your family, has personalized information to help the user routine during the day and enables you to watch your favorite series or even listen to music while preparing your meal. With the convenience of Family Hub, you can see the food in the fridge without having to open the door or even be near it, plan the next shopping list, and keep track of the expiration of the food, so that nothing is wasted.

“In the age of the Internet of Things, the Family Hub is the centerpiece of any Connected House. It not only transforms the kitchen, it recreates the dynamics of families and provides even more enriching experiences. By launching this product, Samsung's goal is to bring innovation to the country with purpose. We have been present in Brazil for 32 years and the consumer recognizes our commitment to bring the most advanced in the market,” says Helbert Oliveira, Director of the Digital Appliances Division of Samsung Brazil.

Like the largest household appliance in any home, the refrigerator is central to our lives. The introduction of this model comes with Bixby* voice control and allows consumers to do what once seemed unimaginable in the past, as it allows its users to do much more than a simple refrigerator does.

With Nova Bixby, the product can be used smarter, personalized and even hands-free, allowing you to control, for example, the morning summary with weather and schedule. All this appears on the screen of the refrigerator, so that we can see and hear. Bixby's voice identification technology differentiates the voice of each family member and enables you to register up to six different people so they can get personalized information for individual needs.

Taking intelligence forward, with the seamless integration of SmartThings into Family Hub, you can now view and control hundreds of Samsung and third-party smart home devices directly from the refrigerator screen and voice with Bixby. Can you imagine controlling your washing or air conditioning temperature only through the refrigerator? Or stream the contents of your TV straight to the fridge, just so you don't have to stop your favorite show while you're cooking dinner?

Family Hub arrives in Brazil in the second half of September with a list price of R$ 24,999.00.


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